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Super, Rules, Strategies|Free
Contribution splitting is a neat way to shift super between spouses. We explain why you might do it and how. Read more
Super, SMSF, General, Strategies|Free
When it comes time to shift your super to pension mode, consider making it automatic. Read more
Super, Basics, SMSF, Strategies|Free
You're setting up a pension in your SMSF. We examine whether or not you should segregate the fund's assets and what steps you need to take. Read more
Super, Strategies|Free
Even if you don’t need it, it can be worth paying an extra pension. Liam Shorte and Richard Livingston explain why. Read more
Super, General, Strategies|Free
If you’re eligible for a transition to retirement (TTR) pension but don’t have one, it could be costing you money. We explain why. Read more
Super, Strategies|Free
We run though a series of practical examples to highlight the benefits and pitfalls of the re-contribution strategy. Read more
Super, Strategies|Free
It can make sense to withdraw your super and re-contribute it. Richard Livingston and Liam Shorte explain the ‘re-contribution strategy’. Read more
Super, Strategies|Free
If you’re aged 55 or older, you might want to start a transition to retirement (TTR) pension. Liam Shorte and Ben Smythe explain how. Read more
Super, Insurance, Strategies|Free
Should you take out income protection in super, your own name, or both? Liam Shorte and Richard Livingston explain the issues and strategies. Read more
Super, Rules, General, Strategies|Free
If you were collecting the age pension and a super pension before 1 January 2015, you’re ‘grandfathered’ (exempt) from the current Income Test. We’ll help you make sure you stay that way. Read more